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HTC has a curriculum designed to support students in the early stages of career planning prior to graduation. The Introduction to Healthcare course has several weeks dedicated to thoroughly preparing students in all aspects of managing their careers, from initial skills identification to negotiating the final offer. The course encompasses job search organization and strategy, skills identification, resume, cover letter and thank you letter writing, job search techniques, including using new media, networking and interviewing skills, business etiquette, and success in the workplace. Discussions and exercises include addressing difficult interview questions, the importance of researching and gaining as much knowledge about the prospective company as possible, and learning about their positions and fields of interest.

Although the school provides job placement assistance, the school cannot guarantee employment.

According to the Occupational Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor, many of the fastest growing occupations are concentrated in the health services field. This area is expected to increase more than twice as fast as the economy as a whole. A factor contributing to the growth in this industry is the aging population which continues to require services. The increased demand for health care services, fed by the growing proportion of elderly in the population, is expected to continue for at least 50 years!
You can use the following internet links to search for jobs or to get more details about a job you find in a newspaper, on–line or from another source.The internet is increasingly a very important search tool when looking for jobs. Several websites you may use for a search are listed after the links to organizations which employ many our graduates.

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