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Our Mission

To provide professional and knowledgeable faculty and staff that are dedicated to the student’s success. We consistently provide our students with the educational training that can improve their career opportunities and enhance their quality of life.

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  • Multiple Locations

    At Health Training Center, we believe nothing should stand in the way of someone who’s motivated to improve his or her life through education and training. That belief is evident when you look at the way we’ve expanded our network of healthcare schools in locations throughout the greater Boston area.

  • Lower Costs

    We lease our classrooms at commercial buildings and hospitals, reducing rental costs and expenses, yet maintaining quality learning settings. We offer only classes needed to achieve the standards of the national registering and/or certification boards. We do not offer unnecessary courses that increase costs.

  • Student Value

    Our flexible scheduling, the expertise of our instructors, course content, facilities, and tuition are all designed to create the best possible career training education for our students. We encourage and value our students’ feedback and referrals to future students.

  • Quality Curriculum

    All of our courses are continuously reviewed and updated to provide up to date learning for the most current medical environment. Our classes are designed with attention to professional integrity. Each course is structured to allow the student to achieve success based on various modes of learning assessments.

  • Instructional Excellence

    Each of our instructors adheres to a level of excellence in keeping with the professional standards and has experience in their field. All of our instructors are approved as meeting the stringent guidelines of our governing body.

  • Administrative Commitment

    Our staff is dedicated as a team to provide the highest level of student satisfaction. From facilities, to course content, to externship placement, we are committed to exceeding our students’ expectations.